About Us

What are the moments in your life where you truly feel like your authentic self? When you can let down your guard and journey to the most profound and healing place for you? We want to help you reach that place.
Deep, restorative care for specific injuries or tension.
A tender space to hold and make space for emotions to release and stagnant energy to clear out of the heart and body.
Holistic skincare rituals that will leave you feeling truly radiant, inside and out.
A refreshing reset in your company’s work day to help employees work more efficiently and feel truly valued.
A beautiful, relaxing experience to enjoy with a partner, friend, or family member.
Our passionate mission is to create these multi-layered, healing experiences to help our beloved clients feel amazing each day. An experience in Heaven doesn’t just stay at the studio. We aim to help our clients release stress and tension so they really feel a difference in their everyday life. A difference in the way they speak to their loved ones, starting with themselves.
Each of our therapists is a master of her craft. Each one has been specially hand-selected and trained to give you a truly optimal experience each and every time you visit us. We know that to take care of others we need to start with ourselves. We have rich and varied lives and choose the hours we work so you can always be sure we are right where we want to be: taking care of you and enjoying our true vocation as healers.

The world needs a little more tenderness. 
Find it in Heaven.

Carrie Lewis, founder of Heaven Massage Barcelona

About Heaven's Founder 

My name is Carrie Lewis. I'm from Portland, Oregon. I have always been fascinated by massage. 

 As a young woman involved in choir, theater, and musicals I was always intrigued by how much we can tell about a character just from the way they walk or talk, and where they hold tension in their body. Thanks to theater exercises that encouraged a loose, relaxed body, and taught us how to relax into our breathing I learned that when we pay attention to the body the body changes, and with that our state of mind and emotional state. I had to learn more. I exchanged massages with my family and friends and loved how they grounded me and left me feeling better.  I decided at the age of 16 that it was one of my vocations. Since then I have been experimenting with this amazing modality that helps us feel our best, both physically and emotionally. A way to accompany, as they say, ‘a spiritual being having a physical experience’. The human experience.
Trained for the first time in an excellent massage school in Santa Barbara, California I came to Barcelona in late 2001. Since then I have been helping the people who find their way onto my table feel better in their skins, and live their life with more comfort and joy.
Choosing massage as a career has given me the freedom to also dedicate myself to my other life passions. I was committed to finding and further training the best massage therapists in Barcelona so that my clients will have the best possible care, whether i am there to give it or not. 
With this excellent team we are able to come to homes, hotels, the workplace, or special events to do table or chair massage and add a spectacular dimension of wellbeing to each person we touch.

What our clients say:

Carrie is the real deal. She was recommended to me by other mammas for prenatal massage and I wish I knew about her even sooner. I rarely write reviews but came here right after the massage to write this one because she’s that good. Many people do massage but are disconnected from their intuition and don’t understand how to work with the body and not against it. What makes her standout from the rest, specifically, is her deep intuitiveness and the ability to work on the body with that sixth sense, knowing exactly what’s needed without me even saying a word. That kind of skill set is a rare find. I am 9 months pregnant. My body has been working hard creating a human. After her massage I felt so rejuvenated that I hopped on a bike and enjoyed an afternoon just riding around town without any tension in my body. And that alone says it all. Go to her. Those are 100% magic hands.


I came to Carrie at five weeks postpartum... I’ve heard really good things about her massages & I knew she takes really good care of mamas, so my intuition brought me to her & it was right! As a new mama, my body needed such a loving, yet strong & intuitive therapy to help me recover from my long & intense birth & postpartum first weeks. She was very welcoming & flexible in accommodating my mum & my baby while I was receiving my massage. Her therapy is a combination of strong deep tissue massage to mobilize accumulated tension, fluid craneo- sacral pulsing, myofascial release through trigger points, aromatherapy, reflexology & so much more... it was the patience, warmth, touch that my body needed! I left feeling much better & really nourished by her dedication & expertise. Would definitely recommend to any expecting mama, new mama or anyone who needs some full body/ mind restoration. Thank you Carrie for your care & dedication

Alessa Benton

I’m so happy I found Carrie! SHE is Amazing! I am a new mum and I visit her with my baby on a regular base because of my back pain. She is loving and caring with my son and manages to keep him calm and entertained at the same time massaging me. Her massages are strong and deeply relaxing and after every session, I feel heavenly relaxed and an improvement in my back! Besides that I love her oils that are made by herself. She has different combinations and they all smell super nice!
I also had the pleasure to get a massage by her heaven therapy colleague Elena. She is just as good as Carrie! Both have magic hands!

Manon Magnet

I can’t recommend Carrie enough! She offers amazing pregnancy and post-pregnancy massages. I had the privilege to receive an induction massage a week past my due date which helped my body to naturally transition into the beginning of the birth of my second daughter. Carrie was spot on the right points and the morning after the massage our baby was in my arms

Marie Lindbloom

I just saw Carrie for the first time and will absolutely be back soon for another prenatal massage. I explained to her what I was feeling and wanting and she used different techniques to provide exactly what my body needed. Now I know why she’s so highly recommended.

Kristine Tesoriero Mizzone

I had a wonderful massage with Carrie! I had severe back, neck and hip pain after giving birth and the first months of bad posture as a new mum! Carrie worked on the areas with love and strength and I feel like a new woman! She is very strong and caring at the same time when she massages.
I also love that the Oils are made by her. She was also super accommodating as I came with my baby for the massage and she managed to keep my baby calm and entertained whilst massaging me! Amazing! I’ll definitely be back, thanks Carrie


Mondays to Fridays 08:30 - 21:00
Carrer Pelai 12, 1-1  08001

Saturday - Sunday 
(home/hotel visit or alternative location Pelai) 
09:00 - 20:00

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