Pure Bliss


Those who crave tender nurturing and safe surrender. A heavenly cloud to float away on for a while.


Table massage. A delicious way to melt into a state of deep relaxation, quiet the mind, and soothe the body as troubles drift far away.
True rest for body and soul awaits you with this tender, nutritive massage. Sometimes the body just needs a dose of kindness. The Pure Bliss session proves that we don’t need to use force to gently convince the body to relax and surrender mental and physical tension. Feel free to ask for a firm touch but know that this massage will never seek to be painful. Your therapist will accompany you with silent reverence for this journey so can go deep inside to a place of renewal.

Given on a comfortable table with soft sheets and towels with the most peace-imbuing blend of essential oils. Enjoy an enveloping touch drawing from a myriad of techniques such as Esalen(‘Californian’) massage. Allow us to deliver you back to your most relaxed self after enjoying a sweet trance far from your cares.





At Heaven headquarters
75 €
At Heaven headquarters
85 €
At Heaven headquarters
100 €
At Heaven headquarters
120 €
At Your Home/Hotel
140 €
At Your Home/Hotel
160 €
At Your Home/Hotel
190 €

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What our clients say:

Carrie is very warm and caring and has amazing energy - I felt extremely comfortable with her and could tell she is very passionate about her job. After my massage with Carrie, all the tension in my shoulders and neck had gone and I felt so much lighter and happier. I can't recall any massage having had such a positive impact on my mood as well as my body.
Such a high standard of service is hard to find and all the wonderful comments I've read about her on here are fully deserved.
I wish I'd heard about her sooner, I'll definitely be making regular appointments from now on! 100% recommended! A treat for the mind, body and soul.

Wendy Cartright

A massage from Carrie is a truly wonderful experience. She is a very kind and warm person. She is very talented and has an incredibly intuitive touch. A massage from Carrie truly takes one to heaven! At the end of my massage from Carrie I felt like I was floating on a cloud and was wrapped in cotton wool. Five-star service and massage. Highly recommended.

Helen Oakley

Carrie trabaja desde el corazón escuchando y sintiendo lo que tu cuerpo necesita. Su combinación con la aromaterapia y todo el trabajo energético que hace es increíble. Realmente ha conseguido hacerme rozar el cielo con los dedos... el masaje craneal junto con todo el deep tissue de cuerpo entero ha sido pfffffff.....puro PLACER!! regálate un tiempo para ti y relájate en su pequeño oasis thank you so much Carrie!!!

Andrea Bunji Drew

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We are at Carrer Pelai, 12 1-1 - 08001 Barcelona
Mondays to Fridays 08:30 - 21:00

Saturday - Sunday (home/hotel visits or Carrer Pelai) 09:00 - 20:00

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Mondays to Fridays 08:30 - 21:00
Carrer Pelai 12, 1-1  08001

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09:00 - 20:00

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