Repair & Renew

(Deep Tissue/Myofascial)


Those seeking deep relief and recovery from soft-tissue injuries to fascia, tendons, or muscles. For serious athletes, this massage is a great accompaniment to increased training prior to races and other sports in order obtain optimal performance or to repair the body post-marathon. The perfect accompaniment to relax and release the muscles of clients receiving chiropractic or osteopathic treatment.


Table massage. Deep transversal friction work combined with vigorous kneading of the muscles to promote circulation, systemic cleansing, and a quicker recovery.
Heaven is fortunate to have highly-trained massage therapists who know how to identify pathologies and pain patterns and go in deep to relieve and liberate muscle tension and realign the body. Our deep tissue and trigger point release therapy, combined with myofascial release techniques, can massively improve the body’s performance, range of motion, and comfort level. Many clients find this massage the perfect monthly or bi-monthly session to maintain peak performance. For moments of intense training o when there is a specific injury to treat we can increase the frequency as needed to get to the root of the problem and free the body from what ails it.





At Heaven headquarters
80 €
At Heaven headquarters
100 €
At Heaven headquarters
110 €
At Heaven headquarters
130 €
At Your Home/Hotel
140 €
At Your Home/Hotel
160 €
At Your Home/Hotel
190 €

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What our clients say:

I had a deep tissue massage with Carrie yesterday. I had few bad experiences with massages lately, so I really wanted to enjoy this one. My expectations were met and exceeded, the whole experience was amazing! Carrie is very friendly and makes you feel super comfortable. The massage itself? It was heavenly. I feel lighter and very relaxed. I briefly mentioned having a shoulder operation soon (after 1.5 years trying everything). I noticed she worked that shoulder differently. Not sure what she did, but the pain is not there anymore! I don’t want to get too excited, but if it stays like this, I will need to cancel the operation hehe! I’ll definitely go back. Thank you Carrie!


I've probably had over 200 massages in different countries. This massage with Carrie was the best one so far. I can tell Carrie has put a lot of thought into making it very relaxing (calm music, etc) and practicing what she does so well. Once Carrie got to work on all the sore joints, it felt like all the tension and soreness was leaving with each breath. A week after the massage I'm still feeling great and can say I've never had my arm muscles (carpal tunnel) massaged so well that the pain didn't come right back after a few hours or days. Highly recommended!


Carrie's massages are extraordinary. Thanks to her massages I don't only get rid of the back pain's that I get from spending hours coding, I also find a moment to disconnect from everything and to do a mental reset. Many of the most creative ideas that I've had recently for improving some programming patterns, came to me during one of Carrie's sessions... Her massages are truly amazing!


Carrie has done wonders for my severe head and backache. I have seriously never felt this good and tried so many massage therapies here and abroad. I highly recommend Carrie and on top of all, she's a wonderful person!


BEST MASSAGE IN BARCELONA!! Carrie has given me the BEST massages I have received in my life, and believe me, being a massage therapist myself, I have received hundreds to compare. She makes poetry with her hands and will send you straight to the place her brand is promises. She knows how to expertly alleviate my lower back pains from my own massage practice. Such a warm and welcoming personality will start making you feel better as soon as her smile enters the massage room. 100% RECOMMENDED!!!


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